Common Foot Problems


Ingrown toe nails:

This occurs whenthe edge of the nail puts pressure on the skin causing pain or discomfort. This may be due to constrictive footwear, excessive sweating, injury or hereditary factors including flat feet or arches that are too high.  If the skin breaks the toe may become and infected orinflamed.


Treatment of ingrown nails:

correct cutting of the offending nail or painless removal of the whole nail by the skilled podiatrist will instantly relive the pain. A minor surgical option may be best option for permanent solutions for ingrown nails that re-occur. This is performed easily by your podiatrist with local anesthetic in our clinic.

Thick Nails:

Can affect all toes but most commonly occur in the big toe. The cause can vary from tight fitting shoes, systemic diseases, incorrect walking or simply part of the ageing process.



Tough nails can be easily manages with the appropriate equipment that we have at our clinic. The nails can be cut and or thinned for your comfort. If this is a long term problem, you may need to book regular sessions to keep on top of them.

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